Apr 6, 2006

Once I smacked my head so hard it knocked me down. Somehow, that fixed a problem with my teeth. Once I overdrew my bank account by 73 cents and, somehow, ended up paying $86. Those two stories sum up my luck.

I have been rejected by 3 graduate schools' philosophy programs - DePaul, Memphis, Emory - and the 4th, Oregon, through an error of paperwork that seems absurd, is considering my application for 2007.

I'm embarassed by the rejection. I hate how when I talk to people who think that it's obvious that I can and will go to grad school I will end up explaining & defending the schools' position that I suck. I hate the people who always thought I was stupid, for whatever reason, and how they'll think this proves something and how I think they might be right.

I'm still working on a plan B, the big problem being I can do anything as long as I make enough money to eat and pay loans. I have commitments to no person, place, or thing.