Jun 27, 2006

Media on media

If you couldn't see 'em, if you couldn't see the uniforms in blotches of green and brown and where they were stamped with U.S. ARMY, if you were just listening to them without seeing, you wouldn't know they were going to war. They didn't call it war. Didn't say the name of the place they were going. One soldier would turn to another and say "This your first time to the theater?" and he'd say "Yes sir." That was the imagery they used. And the place they were sitting and waiting? They called it the stage. Some people'd say they were doing a great thing, others'd say it was all wrong. The country was divided like that but the soldiers themselves talked about it like it wasn't real, like the whole thing was a show, a musical production, a summer blockbuster, another re-run of an old show.

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