Oct 24, 2006

A room

This used to be a really fine place.
I said.
You know, it used to have class. Before these new people came in. There were like a lot of heads.
I said.
Like mounted deer heads and buffalo and bear and boar.
I said.
Yeah these new people just let the place go. They're Indian.

The plumbing was exposed, water pipes running on the inside of the ceiling sweating beads and curling the white paint on the edge of the wall. The TV was bolted to the dresser and the remote control was chained to the side table on the side of the bed.

I turned it on. Turned it on to CNN and muted it to watch the weather report about the storm that had blown throw yesterday and today left a vacuum of cold clear skies frozen up in blue.

The bedspread was purple. Not that it was always purple, but it was then. The pattern of flowers was faded into a milky coffee brown against the background of purple.

I called. The phone had a red light mounted on it's face like a single siren, or a reindeer nose. The phone had a paper face plate with the number for the desk, and for me, and for emergencies, and for pizza. I was calling you. I left a message. I said I was fine.

There was a mirror behind me. I could see the reflection of the mirror in the reflection of the television. Not my face though, just the mirror. I wondered if you'd call. I didn't turn the TV sound up but flipped through. There was a commercial of a car driving up the side of a mountain that I had seen before. An old movie showed soldiers landing on a beach. A man stood in a spot light in a night club. A man stood at a podium in congress. A woman stood on a street holding a microphone.

I wondered what was on TV when this place had class. I had a book but I didn't read it. I opened it but then put it down open on the bed. The cover was coming off.

I wondered if you'd call. If you called you would ask how I was doing and I would say fine.

There were two pictures on the wall: one an icon of a pregnant Virgin Mary and one a painted picture of tumble weeds. The shower water ran warm but brown. Warm though. You would ask how I was and I would say I was warm.