Dec 25, 2006

One soldier comes for Christmas

Curtis stood at the top of the escalator, waiting.

His father, Curtis Woodcox, Sr., carried a single yellow rose and held his 19-month-old daughter, Persia, in his arms.

Curtis, 9, held his little sister’s pink back pack and , clutching a brown Teddy Bear and he watched the escalator as travelers carrying bags rode up to the baggage claim area of the Atlanta airport.

He saw travelers travelling alone. He saw businessmen with suits and briefcases, and women with rolling luggage. He saw women with Christmas presents and men with bags from the duty-free store. He saw soldiers with green duffle bags.

He didn’t see his mother.

Curtis thought for a minute that his mother might not be coming home for Christmas.

He almost started to cry. He almost did, but not quite because he was 9 and because his mother told him she was coming home. She told him about Iraq, the war, how she was a soldier and how she was coming home.

Curtis, wearing a yellow T-shirt and a bulky blue coat, waited.

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