Mar 3, 2007

Falling down about it

Barton: You read the Bible Pete?
Pete: Holy Bible?
Barton: Yeah.
Pete: Yeah, I think so. Anyways, I've heard about it.
            - Joel and Ethan Cohen

They are hermits, hermits who live in a community... And if you have those moments of despair, those moments of really falling into the Nothing—which are usually the moments before you then suddenly find an image of extreme beauty.
            - Phillip Groening

Henry Kissinger: I went to two of [Billy Graham's] revival meetings. At the end he spoke in a very soft voice and it is really unbelievable how they all started to come up. It is to me very moving. You ought to go to one of his revival meetings. When those people step forward, it lasts as long as his speech was. His speech is very strong and traditional but he talks in a much gentler way when he asks them to come forward.
Kirk Douglas: Were you ready to go forward?
Henry Kissinger: No, but I was very impressed.