Apr 10, 2007

The weight pulling

He spun the wheel of the gun. Every slot in the cylinder was loaded. His thumb slid up and down, caressing the chambers and slowly turning the wheel one fluted slot at a time. Click. Click. Click.

The files slumped on the desk. The office was dark. The TV flashed faces.

The man on the TV said, Let us dream again. Again we have this choice to make: Hope or despair?

He passed the gun from his right hand to his left hand. He didn't hold the handle of the gun. He held it by the middle, by the wheel. The office was silent with the blue of the TV. He put the gun in his coat pocket, felt the weight pulling down. He took it out again and passed if back to the first hand.

The man on the TV said, Again we have to decide. The way things are or the way they could be? The question is, do you believe we can, with an act of imagination, can change everything?

The gun said Smith & Wesson.

He said, The wheel on the gun goes round and round, round and round, round and round.