Jun 8, 2007

They were moving out. After more than six months in an economy motel, they were moving into a house of their own and they were preparing for their upcoming wedding.

On Wednesday, 32-year-old Shakita Jones and Freddie Colston, Jr., started to move out of their room on the corner of the second floor at the Budget Inn in Riverdale. That night, Shakita’s brother, 42-year-old Melvin, came down from Chicago for the wedding. It was a time of celebration. It was a time of hope.

On Thursday, they planned to finish moving into the residence behind the Riverdale Auto Zone. Then the groom, the bride’s brother and the bride’s cousin would go and get fitted for tuxedos.

They would have a house. They would be a family: Freddie Colston, Jr., Shakita Jones and her three children, Shavon Jones, 14, Devon Jones, 12, and Desha Jones, 10.

But they never made the move.

On Thursday, they awoke to smoke and fire. Riverdale and Clayton Country firefighters found the three adults and the two younger children dead in the bathroom. They were in the bathtub, with the shower turned on to try and hold back the smoke and the flames.

Also covered in the AJC, WSB-TV, FOX-5, the Associated Pres.