Jul 19, 2007

Photo by Jeff Leo
Remembering an Iraqi interpreter.
Naming illegals.
Map of the world, and how we see.
Vanishing maps and remembered spaces.
Lie for truth?
Drug lords considered killing editor.
A 65-song history of protest music.
Jill Greenburg's photos of crying children.
Typewritter may have belonged to Ernie Pyle.
Criticism of Greenburg.
Papers to advertise on front page.
A short history of crime reporting.
The use of color in movie pictures.
The Berlin art scene, what it was and what it is.
"Southerners are fascinated by almost anything in ruins, be it graveyards, mansions, barns, or cars, and our literature reflects that fascination."
50 years of On the Road, The Road.
The psychology of fonts and the changed graphology.
The typography of onomonopias.
The failure of the British novelists.
The argument for keeping a name.
Economic breakdown of a Harry Potter book
20 ways to enjoy rain.
Ratzinger's effect on current Catholicism.
Vatican affirmation of the Catholic Church as the only true church.
What does the Vatican document mean?
Atlanta Baptists pick women pastor.
Woman takes pulpit of McDonough Ga. church.
Christianity in mime.
First generation of K.C. one percenters die off.
Reward offered in tombstone vandalism.
Mustang Ranch reopens.
Designing the New Yorker, 1 and 2.
The 'Freegans' adherence to late capitalism.
Interview with John Carter Cash.
A history of protest music.
Magazine postal rates to be brutal.
The vinyl re-resurgance.
New machine playing broken records.
The ranch of the malcontents.
Carny documentation.
Retrofitting the cigarette machine.
Were Russell Kirk's principles really Neocoservative?
What about the Greens, 2008?
Anarcho-Capitalists: Pirates (from, of course, a Hillsdale grad).
Muslim ghosts, or, the New Orientalism.
Tintin, boy detective, ruled 'adult.'