Sep 6, 2007

Fighting at Wal-Mart

The two women were fighting in the doorway, said Christopher Todd, a Jonesboro resident who was shopping at the time of the incident.

“I was shopping,” Todd said, “and a cashier said over the P.A. system that a Aisha is needed in front of the store by the grocery doors.”

Then the same voice came over the system and repeated the request. Then, Todd said, the cashier asked for a manager or security. Then he heard: “A manager and security is needed at the front door. There is a fight. I repeat, there is a fight.”

Todd said everyone ran to the front doors, and saw two women “clawing at each other.”

According to Bennett, they gathered around her and the other woman, where they were fighting on the floor, and she said she was a police officer and asked for help.

She didn’t get any help, though.

The woman bit Bennett’s arm and grabbed her hair. A man grabbed Bennett by her hair. Another woman held her down.

“Several people in the crowd that had gathered then grabbed onto me by my hair, arms and clothing, pulled me off of [the woman] and allowed her to escape,” Bennett reported.

Todd said he called 911, but got a busy signal. He called a second time, and when he couldn’t get through, he then left the scene and continued shopping.

“At this time,” Bennett said, “my badge was in plain view on the ground next to where [the woman] and myself had been. Several Wal-Mart employees were yelling that I was a police officer and for them to let me go.”

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