Oct 25, 2007

When the worry began

At first, no one was worried when the 36-year-old defense attorney connected with a colleague's 16-year-old daughter in an online social networking site.

Robin Meredith "Robbie" Levin, who worked with the Clayton County Indigent Defense Office, showed his co-worker her daughter's Facebook site, where the girl had posted pictures and her friends had posted comments.

No one was worried, either, when Levin began to chat with the girl through an instant messaging system.

The girl's mother, an employee of the Indigent Defense Office, who is not being named, told police she, "was not concerned Levin was chatting with her daughter, because she knew him personally," Clayton County Police Detective Joanne Southerland wrote in an arrest warrant application.

However, as the conversations developed, the 16-year-old became "freaked out," and told her mother Levin had begun making sexual comments.

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