Oct 19, 2007

In this God

Three ministers from The Movement of God, a church in Atlanta, climbed the steps of building M. Around them and below them, more than 60 people lit small, white candles. Brother Mike Pope began to sing, "Oh Dear Lord, I need thee. Oh Dear Lord, I need thee."

Pastor Gloria Still said, "Oh yes, Lord. Hallelujah, Jesus. Hallelujah. Oh yes, Jesus."

The song drifted into a prayer, and Still told the gathered mourners that Edward "Booman" Mills was their brother, their friend. "In this God," Still prayed, "we know that there's deliverance. In this God, we know that there's someone you're trying to set free. In this God, we know that you are trying to break the shackles."

The prayers drifted to tongues, as Prophetess Mary Melco prayed in what Pentecostals believe is a God-given language.

Across the parking lot, two Clayton County Police detectives stood, badges hanging around their necks, making themselves available to anyone who wanted to talk.

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