Oct 29, 2007

Investigative journalism

Special report 1:
School officials hired a man being investigated on child molestation charges

In her first days as Interim Superintendent of the Clayton County School System, Gloria Duncan had the services of a driver and bodyguard paid for by her bosses. The bodyguard, 45-year-old Kenneth Jerome Alexander, of Hampton, was at the time -- and is still -- under investigation on charges of child molestation.

During the first seven days of Duncan's tenure, after former superintendent, Barbara Pulliam, resigned abruptly, Alexander worked 48.5 hours as Duncan's driver and bodyguard and was paid $35 per hour, according to school system documents.

Duncan spent the time visiting schools and community events "in an effort to reassure the public that the leadership of the school district was stable," spokesman Charles White said. Shadowing Duncan brought Alexander into situations where he could have been in contact with children, which raises legitimate concerns, given the serious charges against him.

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Special report 2:
Bakclog of pending cases clogs up justice system

Kenneth Jerome Alexander has been under investigation on child molestation charges for more than three years -- technically.

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation finished investigating the 45-year-old former police officer in 2004. Warrants were applied for and received, the preliminary case was presented to a magistrate judge and accepted, and the case was sent to the Clayton County District Attorney's office in March of that year.

But it hasn't moved since then.

More than three years later, the file is still there. The district attorney's office has not dismissed the charges against Alexander, and it hasn't brought them to a grand jury for indictment.

According to the GBI, the case is considered "under open investigation" until the district attorney moves on it.

District Attorney Jewel Scott said the case is "peculiar," but, according to records obtained by the Clayton News Daily, Alexander's case is not all that unusual. It is one of more than 750.

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