Oct 12, 2007

Shakespeare's spooks and specters

    Photo by Jeff Leo

Wearing brand new costumes, with price tags still dangling from their sleeves and size stickers still stuck to their chests, two student-actors practice making faces.

An actress, dressed in brown, sticks her tongue out, curls it up, and tries to touch her nose. An actor, wearing dark blue, lets his eyes roll back, showing the whites, while his pupils flicker, trying to focus on the inside of his forehead.

He grins.

"I have an emergency," someone says, and Clayton State University Theater Director Phillip DePoy turns around and raises his eyebrows.

"Hamlet's locked in the closet," the student says.

His eyebrows go higher.

"I accidentally shut the door to the costume closet door and it locked and Hamlet's locked inside."

"She's inside?" he says.

"Yeah," she says. "Do we have a key?"

"She can open it from the inside," he says.

"Oh. She can?"

"Yeah," he says, and he smiles. "Tell her to tuuuuurn the handle."

The student rushes off and DePoy starts to chuckle.

"That's good," he says. "I got to remember that: Hamlet's locked in the closet."

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