Nov 5, 2007

Broken ends

Warned by the blinking emergency flashers on the parked truck, motorists slowed to look at the burned-out house, the scene of a murder, and the people quietly moving out.

A second truck was backed into the driveway of 614 Fayetteville Road, Friday afternoon. The yellow crime scene tape was still wrapped around the trees, but a section was torn down to allow family members to pick up the remaining belongings.

Two days after 68-year-old Geneva Strickland was murdered in her home, and it was burned down around her, the broken ends of the police tape lay in the grass with a few fallen leaves.

"She was murdered," said Jack William Ivey, Strickland's 51-year-old son. "She worked all her life and then, in the end, she was robbed and killed."

Jack Wade Ivey, Strickland's first husband, said the family was waiting to hear the autopsy results from the Georgia Bureau of Investigation. They had been told by police to pick up what hadn't been stolen, or destroyed by the fire, before the little that remained was ruined by vandals and weather.

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