Nov 29, 2007

Second trip

When the hazel-eyed man got out of the police car, it was the second time he had made the 2,120 mile round trip, a trip spanning the East Coast and connected by two murders.

Jerry W. Still, a 62-year-old Jonesboro felon, stood up, supported by a cane, and pointed to an abandoned well, near some woods on the west side of Coweta County. He pointed to a concrete slab, according to sheriff's deputies. He said the body was buried about 30 feet back in the woods.

The first time he was here, almost two decades ago, the body was in the trunk of a Cadillac Coup DeVille, wrapped in a motel blanket, riddled with 9 mm bullets, four days dead, and stinking.

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19 years after murder, Jonesboro felon leads authorities to shallow grave