Nov 12, 2007

Standing outside the bar, smoking a cigarette, Eduardo Diaz Gutierrez made a decision.

He had been at Coronas Bar & Billiards, 6640 Tara Blvd., for more than four hours, drinking beer and watching the bikini competition.

He had grabbed a waitress and asked her if she was a prostitute, had fought with a man who found him offensive, and had walked outside to smoke and think.

Gutierrez made a decision, at 11 p.m., that Saturday, and he untucked his shirt. He put out his cigarette. He took a 9 mm pistol and put it in his waistband. The matte-black Hi-Point Ruger cost him $250. He had owned if for four days, and now, he decided, he was going to use it.

"He was good and drunk and he was ready to fight," said Holly Veal, a Clayton County prosecutor. "Apparently, that was the kind of guy he was."

The 29-year-old would later tell detectives, "It was a pride thing."

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