Nov 21, 2007

Parking lot transaction

The woman leans on the door of the truck. Letting her long hair fall over her bare shoulder, she talks to the driver through the window.

The woman steps back, standing in the motel parking lot, letting him see her tight, pink pants and the low-cut top, showing off her cleavage. She turns around, slowly, in a circle, and returns to the window.

The man -- small and scruffy in a large white truck -- is unsure. He asks about the room. He bickers about her price. He wonders if she's a for-real prostitute. He apparently decides sex is worth the risk. He offers the woman $20.

Across the street from the Hotel Magnolia parking lot, three police officers sit in a green, unmarked car. Their tinted windows are rolled up and the engine idles. The nose of the car is pointed at the 6326 Old Dixie Highway parking lot transaction. They watch the woman work, and listen to the man's $20 offer through a microphone hidden in her skimpy clothes.

The woman, an undercover officer posing as a street-walking prostitute during the Clayton County Police Department's sting operation, on Tuesday, walks off toward an imaginary room.

She raises both her hands, as a signal, and the police rev the car across the road, screeching up to the would-be "John," arresting him on charges of soliciting a prostitute.

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