Dec 28, 2007

Doctors disagreed

Five-week-old Joshua Moore could not have accidentally inhaled the baby wipes found wadded deep in his throat when he died, medical experts told detectives.

The boy's mother, 24-year-old Quantavia Nicole Moore, said it was an accident. She said she was cleaning the baby's mouth while staying at her mother's house in Forest Park, and then Joshua inhaled and started choking and she went "bazooka."

Doctors disagreed.

The baby wipes were folded up into a large, square wad, when recovered from Joshua's throat, and his lungs weren't strong enough to inhale that wet wad, Dr. Joran Greenbaum, at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta at Egleston, wrote to Detective Kelvin Jackson.

"I do not believe the incident [occurred accidentally], as described," the doctor wrote, "but required externally applied forces to lodge the relatively large object in the small, relatively depressed airway."

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