Dec 21, 2007

Justifying justifiable homicide

After 10 months of investigation, an expanded investigation, a re-investigation and a supplemental investigation, the verdict in the shooting death of a 19-year-old is the same as it was when police first walked through the door: justifiable homicide.

A Clayton County grand jury returned the findings Wednesday in the shooting death of Marques McGhee.

McGhee was shot to death while apparently breaking into a 16-year-old friend's home on Camp Road. The grand jury returned a "No Bill," meaning the 16-year-old boy, who is not being named because he is a juvenile, will not be charged.

Clayton County Police initially investigated the 6388 Camp Road homicide. Officers at the scene when it happened Feb. 20, said it looked like an open-and-shut case. McGhee was killed inside a broken window and was wearing black clothes and a black mask.

The 16-year-old under scrutiny told police he was alone at home at about 11:30 a.m. the day of shooting because of spring break. He said he was eating cereal and heard glass breaking. The teen said he got his father's handgun, a 9 mm, and walked into the garage, finding a man dressed in black with a black mask covering his face.

He fired, he told police. He fired and fired until the gun was empty.

When officers arrived, they found McGhee had been shot eight times, in the legs, chest, back and head. When they pulled back the man's mask, the teen saw McGhee, a 19-year-old, who once had been his friend.

What looked like a simple investigation became more complicated.

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