Dec 31, 2007

Somewhere, a man with a limp in his left leg is missing

There is a skull in a box in the basement of the Clayton County Police Department headquarters, and it's been there a long time.

Unidentified. The dead man's bones are evidence in a murder that has remained unsolved for almost a decade. The case file, a fat brown folder, is marked "I 675//REMAINS." A note attached to the inside of the front cover shows the file was opened on 5-15-98, marked as having no leads on 10-28-99, and closed, still unsolved, on 11-1-99.

Today, the case file sits in a box of "cold cases," another one of the county's unsolved murder mysteries.

In May 1998, on a clear and comfortably warm day, a surveyor named Wesley Bell was walking through the woods on the back of 6824 Dale Road in Rex. The owner wanted to sell the land and the surveyor was measuring it, walking about 40 yards off the southbound lanes of Interstate 675, between Ga. Highways 42 and 138. Bell was walking along the inside of a Department of Transportation fence, coming up on an old barb wire fence when he saw it: a skull in the leaves.

He thought it was an animal skull, he later told police. It was buried down in the leaves, by some weeds, upside down. He pulled it up, turned it around, and realized he was looking into the face of a human skull.

The back of the head was dirty brown, with a crack on the right side. The front was white, with black gaps for eyes, a nose, a mouth.

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