Jan 30, 2008

Desperate for luck

He was looking for one big win, one saving stroke of luck.

Allen L. Southmayd, a 63-year-old Jonesboro man, who worked as a forensics documents expert for the United States Army, stole $68,500 from a documents examiner certifying board in a desperate, 10-month attempt to win one big payoff.

According to documents filed in federal court by Southmayd's attorney, the man is a gambling addict.

He grew up in Portland, Ore., dropping out of high school to work as a day laborer in a warehouse, a plywood mill and as a drawbridge operator until he was drafted in the mid-1970s, and sent to Vietnam.

Southmayd trained in the Army's Criminal Investigation Division, became an expert at handwriting analysis and all the facets of examining questioned documents. He was certified as an expert witness and testified for the Army more than 150 times. He left the Army in 1985, according to his attorney, Collin Garrett. In the late 1990s, living in Texas, his lifelong affection for cards turned into a gambling addiction.

"For a period of time, he was winning a lot," Garrett explained in a memo to the court. "The rush of the action and coming home with pockets full of money added together to create a habit that was hard to break, even when he started losing."

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