Jan 22, 2008

Garage-sale junk

Fischer, talking about how he hates Jews, goes repeatedly to his stolen stuff. He vomits hate and he mentions the theft and in his mind the theft grows and grows until it's an international conspiracy and the prime example of supposed Jewish evil. Someone finally asks him, "Bobby, what all did they take?" and he gives a list.

The list broke my heart.

He says they took a statue of three horses, that he was given as a trophy. They took a bust of his head. They took an autographed book by Richard Nixon. They took his racy Mexican comics.

In the end, this was Bobby Fischer's treasure. A stack of left-over garage-sale junk. This is the chess genius, this is the idol of geeky, gawky kids learning to open with the king's pawn.

Bobby Fischer was a heartbreaking tragedy