Jan 2, 2008

The groom knew I didn't dance and he didn't care. I was standing at the bar, New Year's Eve, at his wedding reception. I was drinking a beer and wearing a tuxedo, but with my regular shoes, and he was demanding that I dance.

A friend was trying to convince bridesmaids to take tequila shots with him. Another friend was trying to explain what was wrong with women, but just kept shouting, "I'm not saying all women are vain, you know, I'm just saying I started going bald at 12 and I'm still single."

I was drinking beer and it was getting near midnight. The D.J. was playing the worst of '80s pop and the groom, my good friend, said, "I demand you dance. Silliman. Silliman, I demand you dance." Then he laughed his Louisville, Ky., laugh -- loud and crazy.

Just hope: This could be the year