Jan 21, 2008

Use your speed

His boxing coach was saying, "Use your speed to your advantage. Use your speed to your advantage," and he was standing in the corner, on his toes, getting ready for the fight, when he saw the man in the other corner.

Hicks, 23, remembering the man in the blue trunks, calls him, "this Russian dude."

"I had to fight this Russian dude," he says, on the phone from training camp, "and he was just ... he was in there to kill."

Hicks tried to use his speed. He tried to use his combinations. He and the Russian touched gloves and the fight began and he danced into the first round, moving his feet, and he threw a couple of jabbing combos "to see what he'd do."

Then the big man in the blue trunks clobbered the 23-year-old Jonesboro native.

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