Jan 31, 2008

Well-worn badge in his back pocket

To his ex-wife and his closest friend, 42-year-old Douglas Yutaka Rhoades was an undercover FBI agent investigating rogue agents and child pornography.

He had a metal badge with his photo on it, signed by bureau founder J. Edgar Hoover, and marked with a large gold shield.

But, the Jonesboro man was actually a security guard, allegedly impersonating a Federal Bureau of Investigation agent, and carrying around DVDs filled with child pornography, according to the FBI and federal prosecutors.

When arrested by Clayton County Police and a trio of FBI agents at about 2:30 p.m., on Thursday, Jan. 24, Rhoades was driving his minivan home, Special Agent Joseph Fonseco testified at a probable cause hearing, Wednesday afternoon. Rhoades had the well-worn badge in his back pocket and he had a handgun in the center console. He had bags and bags of candy, in the car, a number of blankets, a digital camera, a camcorder, and 75 DVDs.

"They had handwritten titles," Fonseco said. " 'Web Teens 1,' 'Web Teens 2,' 'Teen Pics and Vids,' 'Masturbation,' and other pornographic titles ... There was a series of pictures with preteens, I'd say between ages 10 and 12, in various stages of dress and undress."

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