Feb 11, 2008

Broken yellow earrings

More than two years after he was charged with abusing and murdering a baby girl, the case against Philanders Lamont Bowie has been dropped.

Documents filed in Clayton County Superior Court say Bowie could not be proven guilty and is, based on the evidence, the least likely suspect.

The 26-year-old College Park man is now free after spending two years in the county jail and more than two years facing allegations he had brutally killed his girlfriend's infant daughter.

In July 2005, Makayla Denise Valley died. Her 1-year-old liver ruptured, according to an autopsy report, draining liquid into her stomach.

When Clayton County Police found her, she was wearing nothing but a pair of broken, yellow earrings and a dirty, bloody diaper.

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Charges dropped for man jailed two years in baby's death