Mar 31, 2008

In lieu of flowers, the family requests your prayers

The 10-year-old boy lay on his left side, on the edge of a motel bed.

Jeremiah Slonaker lay there next to his mother, in a ground floor room of a Motel 6, with his eyes closed, and then his mother shot him.

The .380-caliber bullet entered through the back of his 10-year-old skull and exited his forehead. The force of the blast knocked him off the bed.

The woman, 36-year-old Donne Marie Slonaker, had loaded two bullets in the stolen pistol. With the second one, she shot herself. She put both her index fingers on the pistol's trigger, pressed the barrel hard into her right temple and fired.

"When we found her, she was still clutching the gun," said Scott Eskew, senior homicide detective at the Clayton County Police Department.

The scene in room 118, of the 7233 Davidson Parkway Stockbridge Motel 6, was immediately ruled a murder-suicide.

Eskew didn't know, though, why the woman from Centerville, Ga., drove 80 miles north in her red Ford Thunderbird, checked into this motel room and killed herself and her son.

In the weeks following the March 3 deaths, he tried to piece together the story explaining the tragedy, or at least answering some questions. What emerged from his investigation, Eskew said, was a picture of a sad, sick and depressed woman with a possessive love for her little boy.

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