Mar 6, 2008

To the floor

Stokes was the only one home at the apartment at the time of the boy's death. He reportedly told Clayton County Police he was asleep on the couch, late that morning, after staying out until after 4 a.m., the night before, at a local club. He woke up, on the couch, and the infant had fallen from the couch to the floor and was "gasping for air."

Stokes called 911, according to reports, and met paramedics outside the apartment building, with the limp baby in his arms.

The baby was taken to Southern Regional Medical Center and pronounced dead at about 2:20 p.m.

A Georgia Bureau of Investigation autopsy found the 4-month-old boy had multiple broken ribs, a swollen brain, a broken right elbow, bruising to the neck and jaw and a bite mark on his back.

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