Mar 28, 2008

Wrapped in duct tape

Two men have been indicted on charges they murdered a man because he owed them $25.

Larry Richard Brownlee, 55, was found beaten to death on Blalock Street in Hapeville, last July. Blood was pooled around his head and his body was surrounded by sticks, bricks and bits of mortar.

Two cousins, Elroy Chester Carter, 46, and Dwight Edward Luke, 33, have been charged by a Clayton County grand jury with murder, felony murder, aggravated assault and criminal damage to property in connection with the death.

Clayton County Police Department detectives and District Attorney's Office prosecutors believe Carter and Luke beat the 55-year-old man to death with an ax handle wrapped in duct tape, a metal pipe, and stones they picked up off the street.

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Two cousins charged with beating death