Apr 5, 2008

Apocalypse, culture and death

            I wound up being a fireman for three years - in the forestry service, way out in the sticks on the border between Mexico and California. I learned how to dig a hole in the ground and bury myself so the fire would burn over me. Never had to use it since, but I'm ready.
                        -- Tom Waits

Naming an American war.
James Earl Ray and the question -- who killed Martin Luther King?
Radicalized by the death of MLK.
Descent to torture.
Attempting to rescue John Steinbeck.
Coming out of the cave, after doomsday didn't happen.
Asking a judge to save the world, stop physics.
Homicides in Orlanda, Fla.
A welter of faddish solutions for the problems of body and soul.
Faces of life and death.
Poverty is less a matter of having few goods than having lots of problems.
Information is not knowledge.
Bad words of book reviewing.
D.B. Cooper party.
Non-EuropeanPh.d's punished in Germany.
A man and his church.
Pre-murder monologues.
Coffee and the mug.
Idaho and a statewide chess curriculum.
Death of Sherman McCory
Ruse wedding.
It's not you, it's your books.
Art about Communism in Germany between the two world wars.