Apr 28, 2008

Plan for failure

"SECULAR writers would make a mess of this, as they made a mess of most of the reports of the demise of Richard Nixon. For it takes a belief in, and some comprehension of, Original Sin, before you see enough of Richard Nixon to both remove him and then ask that he be attacked no more. Original Sin is a cruel and vicious doctrine, subscribed to mainly by conservative members of the Catholic Church, but a doctrine which at this time appears needed by all human beings. For a belief in Original Sin is constant acknowledgement of the dark side of man. Born with it, he walks with a darkness always in his nature. The Catholic form is to search for forgivementss of Original Sin, and for a means to control it over a lifetime, through the Grace of Confession. These ceremonies of the religion -- the Confession, the liturgical services -- form a third party intermediary; but with no way to externalize his evil, Nixon had only himself. Therefore, with no outward doctrine calling for the continual planning for failure, for sin, Nixon was unprepared for failure. Always, secular writers point out that Richard Nixon was a born loser and that he continually acted as such. This theory is in opposition to reality. Nixon's true fault was that he had no way to plan for failure, no way to extenalize evil.
                -- Jimmy Breslin, in How the Good Guys Finally Won