Apr 25, 2008


Willie Hines will wake up early Monday morning, even though he doesn't have to.

He won't have to get up in the dark and put on his dark blue slacks and his limp, shapeless ball cap.

He might not even set his alarm, but he'll wake up, anyway, and he'll lie there and think, "Now, I am retired."

Down the street, in Grantville, Ga., his older brother, 66-year-old Oscar Hines, will get a start on some remodeling projects, getting up and going into his kitchen.

He's going to re-do the floors, now that he's retired.

What the Hines brothers won't do on Monday morning is get into Oscar's Chevy Scottsdale and drive 50 miles up Interstate 85 to go to Jonesboro, to the Clayton News Daily, to work in the pressroom.

After 44 years of full-time printing, the Hines brothers retire on Friday, April 25.

"When Martin Luther King was assassinated, we were printing then," said Willie, 65, "and when the planes flew into the towers [in the 2001 terrorist attacks], we were out there in the pressroom. Every day, we were printing, but it's different every day. I love printing. I'm pleased with my work that I've done here. I'm proud that I was able to reach this point and can leave on my own."

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