Apr 8, 2008


There are two pins holding my faith together. One, humans are horrible: violent and vicious, greedy and god-awful, depressing and desperate. Two, I hope that every human, even the most grotesque monsters, will get grace and salvation.

Really, for me, the entire atheism vs. theism debate ends up irrelevant. I choose to try to live as if there is hope for all of us, and, for me, that's the whole thing.

I thought maybe I should have been offended at being mistaken for an atheist, but I've learned how to hope from some atheists. Some atheists are throwing teenage tantrums and some are just mean, arrogant and bigoted, I know. I don't want to come off like that. But I wouldn't mind being mistaken for Kurt Vonnegut.

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Mistaken for an atheist