Apr 7, 2008

When she wandered off

She seemed lost.

Before Steve Rotella was a detective and before Jennifer Lee Chambers was the victim of a violent murder, the Clayton County Police officer would see the petite teen on the streets at night.

He would say, "Hey sweetheart, what're you doing out here?" He would say, "You shouldn't be out here at night," or "Why aren't you home?"

Rotella knew the brown-haired girl was living a rough life, was mixed up with drugs, prostitution and older men, but he hoped he could say something to her. He hoped that when she wandered off into the dark, she would go home and things would be OK.

"Jennifer ... didn't seem to have that one person, that guide, that guardian angel," Rotella said. "Of course, that's every cop's fantasy, to be a guardian angel."

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