May 16, 2008


How James Frey saved himself
James Frey thinks he's so smart
n+1 and the big cheese
'All the sad young literary men'
n+1 and the lit mag battles
Journalism, literature and A.J. Liebling
When Walter Cronkite is the patron saint
The Weather Underground + McCarthyism + Swiftboating = 2008?
Black people scare the shit out of America
Obama = Curious George?
The Obama-Clinton decision tree
Obama = God?
Zizek on ethical adherence to the messianic moment
Zizek's act
Reward doubled for Nazi-hunters
Detroit's Neo Nazi have "economic answers"
How to remember what never happened
'KGB' to Orthodox: Don't remember what happened
Orthodox Church re-instated in Russia
The Little Billy letters
Keyes rejected by third party
Bob Barr to Nader McCain
First genetically modified embryo is flourescent green
Robert Redford & Wendell Berry
Is alternative agriculture possible?
What happens when you bat out of order?
Why does the "blogosphere' look like a galaxy?
Hendrix's sex tape
David Lynch's "fuck you flag"
The beauty myth and the "lad mag"
Hollywood is post-female
Behind 'Grandtheft Auto'
Famous bookstore is run by jerk
The library at night
Triumph of the thriller
30 years of spam
Lure of heresy
Hitchen's "undertow of violence"
Preparing for the last book
The decline of Smiths
Mexican virtual kidnappings
Karl has finished with his smoking
The neural Buddhists
Wrench in the system: Seeking to be unmarketable
Volunteers should stay home
Appreciating Jack Chick
Priest gets carried away by balloons