May 24, 2008

To make things right

In the middle of the memorial song, the woman stopped to cry.

She was singing about Jesus and about trusting Jesus to make things right, and then she choked up, turned to the woman next to her, hugged her tightly, and cried.

A few dozen friends of Edward Bernard Mills, a 17-year-old who was shot to death on a Sunday afternoon in October, gathered with candles at the scene of the murder, Thursday evening. As one woman wept, another took up the singing, and then began to pray.

"Father God," she said, "we know you know what happened. Father God, we ask you for justice."

Mills, known to those who mourn his death as "Boo-Man," has been dead and buried since last year. The Clayton County Police caught someone in connection with the killing, and have charged him. But 17-year-old Jeffrey Winslow, Jr., who allegedly murdered Mills in an argument over marijuana and money, has not been indicted by a grand jury in the required time, and may be tried as a juvenile, instead of as an adult.

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