Jun 6, 2008

Already involved in violence
You know what the central theme of film noir is: You're fucked.
            -- James Ellroy

1. The story of the 2-year-old boy killed by an ice cream truck reflects my darkest, most futile thoughts about life. It captures all the cruelty and the stupidness. It makes me want to swear at God. The story about the 2-year-old boy who fell out of a fourth-floor window and survived reflects my understanding of gratuitous grace, finding me baffled and blessed.

2. P.D. James' Children of Men may be the most chauvinistic book I've read. You would think that "Men" was really meant to be gender nuetral, but it's not. The men, in Phyllis Dorothy's logic, are consumned by power and the lust for power. When they stop lusting for power, they are meaningless and kill themselves. The woman is flat, un-explained, wrong-headed, silly and merely endured because she has a womb. The only thing she does that makes sense is a moment of vengeful violence, where she seizes power through betrayal. The child, who means "hope," is conceived in betrayal, gestated in the midst of masculine rivalries, and born as a weapon. There is only one child present in the book, the plural object possessed by men in the title seems to be violences, lusts, and power struggles.

3. Is there some sense of betrayal, in fidelity, and some sense of fidelity in betrayal? Is this the perverse core? To read, we have to stray from the text, because the author is dead. Does engagement necessarily entail an estrangement?

4. I think the key to Zizek is, first, that he doesn't believe we can escape, we are already involved in violence and ought not pretend. We have to act, and acting is violent. His Stalinism isn't a game, a put-on bit of philosophical theater. It is an acknowledgement that we cannot exempt ourselves and escaping violence is impossible. I agree with him -- I agree with process of thinking up to the penultimate conclusion. I still don't accept violence.

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