Jun 4, 2008

Officially comment

The search for possible victims seems to be suspended.

Though federal and local investigators believe Douglas Yutaka Rhoades may have molested multiple little girls while impersonating an FBI agent, they also seem to think the case against him is closed.

At the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Spokesman Stephen Emmett said he thought the investigation had been abandoned because Rhoades suffered an aneurysm and wasn't competent to stand trial.

... Rhoades was charged, in January, with the federal crimes of impersonating a federal agent and possessing child pornography. At the time, investigators and prosecutors released Rhoades' photo -- something they don't normally do -- and said they were concerned there were more victims, and they were looking for girls who may have been molested by Rhoades.

That day, Rhoades was apparently injured in prison. He was not at a bond hearing the next morning, and when he did return to court, five days later, he had a swollen, black eye.

No one would officially comment on the injury at the time.

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Investigation of alleged molester appears stalled