Jun 14, 2008

Than has been

"...I'll admit in front that I have a special affinity for things that don't quite fit into any given demarcated category, partly because I'm one of those perennial misfits myself by choice as well as fate or whatever."
              -- Lester Bangs

1. Some things I come back to, over and over: The world is a weirder place than has been represented and I just want to tell stories.

2. I like poetry, but it's hard for me to see how even the most avant garde and post-avant stuff isn't really regressive, elitist, and oppressive. When poetry is for poor people, they're not allowed to call it poetry.

3. I really didn't like Hellboy. I thought the devil-who-fights-to-protect-good-people was uninteresting. I thought the girl who is turned on by violence -- literally, she gets hit and then is on fire and at one point even begs her would-be lover for abuse, saying 'hit me,' 'hit me,' -- was deeply disturbing. But now, I see the preview for the second one, and see Guillermo del Toro has added all the eyes and the weird, underground imagery of Pan's Labyrinth, and I want to see it.

4. I haven't quite figured out how to explain what's happening in the corrupt-the-comic-strip work of Garfiled Minus Garfield & Marmaduke Explained. They do it very differently, and yet both make the work better by insulting it. 'I really do hate this strip,' one of the defacers writes, yet there's kind a devotion there. Maybe that's what fascinates me about it -- the contradiction in the critic's homage.

5. Emergent Christianity is to Christianity as New Age is to Buddhism

6. My favorite piece of philosophy is still the analogy, Man is like a dog tied to a tinker's cart.

7. For me, my Messiah complex is sort of directly related to gloom and despair. The larger my capacity for hope, the less I try to force fixes on things. The less I try to force a fix on things, the more I enjoy and value the weird and the strange, the wild and the surreal.

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