Jul 29, 2008

Canary yellow car

He painted the car a bright, canary yellow.

Like a regular canary yellow wouldn't be bright enough -- this thing was going to attract attention.

When Danny Karr was 15, something like that, he and his stepfather bought a 1970s Volkswagen Fastback, and he still remembers that paint job.

That was the first one -- the car that turned him into a "Tuner."

It was nine different colors and botched up with bondo when they bought it, but Karr fixed it up, modified it, loved it, and painted it that bold, bright, unavoidable color.

He took it to NOPI, a convention for modified cars, and he was hooked on the whole scene of Tuners. He loved the way each car was different, not just modified, but custom and individual -- unique. He loved the mechanical challenges, the way these men, and boys (and occasionally women and girls), would take their technical skills and do all sorts of things to make cars go faster, perform better, and make them pretty-near perfect.

Eventually, he wrecked the Fastback -- "broke the crankshaft in it, drag racing a Corvette" -- but that didn't damper his new lifestyle.

"It was one car after another, after that," said Karr.

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