Jul 23, 2008

The cop & the Bigfoot corpse

A Clayton County Police officer, and his friend, claim to have the body of a Bigfoot.

The animal -- a legendary, hairy hominid that supposedly lives in remote forests -- is said to be dead, frozen, and "shocking."

Matthew Whitton, a 28-year-old, who has been with the department for six years, and Rick Dyer, a 31-year-old former correctional officer, posted a video on youtube.com, last week, claiming to have the male Bigfoot corpse, alleged evidence that the much-hunted and often hoaxed monster, is a real, living species.

The video shows black garbage bags draped over a formless hulk, and promises revelations are coming soon.

"It's not a mythological creature that there's just one of," Whitton says on the Internet video. "It's a species that may be really rare, but they're actually out there breeding."

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Cop claims to have body of 'Bigfoot'