Jul 8, 2008

Folded underneath her

Chaudhry Rashid allegedly told police he killed his 25-year-old daughter as a "matter of honor."

Rashid, a 56-year-old Pakistani Muslim, who co-owns Pizza Valley in Atlanta, allegedly strangled Sandeela Kunwal to death with a bungee cord on Sunday morning.

According to Clayton County Police, he killed Kunwal because he didn't want to let her end her arranged marriage.

"The offender advised that he is a Muslim," Detective Michael Christian wrote in an arrest warrant application. "[D]ivorce and extra-marital affairs are against his religion and would disgrace the family and that's why he killed Ms. Kunwal."

Rashid is in the Clayton County Jail, facing a single charge of murder.

Police arrested him at about 2 a.m., Sunday, finding him sitting cross-legged in the driveway of his 9654 Utah Drive home in Jonesboro, smoking his seventh cigarette in a row.

Kunwal was upstairs, in a bedroom above the garage, "lying on her back with [her] right leg folded underneath her. Her arms are outstretched. Around her neck is a line of bruising," according to Christian's report.

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