Jul 9, 2008

Hanging on and yelling

The police officer had his hand on the gun, the armed robbery suspect had his hand on the same gun, and both of them were hanging on and yelling, "Let go!"

"We were in the woods fighting for a long time," said Clayton County Police Officer Matthew Whitton, recalling the struggle five days after it happened. "He wanted to kill me, but I was going to take him into custody, whatever it took."

Whitton suffered a gunshot to his left wrist, during the 2 a.m., fight in the Stockbridge woods, July 3. The bullet broke his bone, severed four tendons, severed an artery and damaged a lot of nerves.

Whitton said when he was taken to the hospital, he could only move two of the fingers on his hand. Doctors say the six-and-a-half year veteran of the police force is going to recover, though, and will eventually, with therapy, regain 100 percent use of his hand.

Whitton is now at home, taking pain medication and waiting for things to heal.

"I'm just lying here in pain," he said, speaking by phone from his Jonesboro home. "It has kind of a burn to it."

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