Jul 22, 2008

It's all shit

The clerk's instructions were to keep out riff-raff: The homeless, hookers, heroin addicts and all suspected undesirables, laborers, landscapers, minorities, and anybody acting too desperate.

That realization, that people are being refused restrooms, shocked me. I understood the owners owned the toilets, just like they owned the rest of the place, and they could do whatever they wanted. But the cold-heartedness of locking the door, of telling people who have to go, "Tough -- that's your problem," shocked me a much as having to clean up the awful messes people left behind in gas station bathrooms years later.

What does this say about us? What does this say about our civilization?

With the two images, these two obscenities to decency, I think I'm staunchly cynical on every economic system, political solution and puffed-up pronouncement about the innate goodness of humanity. I hear them and I say, "Oh yeah? What about public restrooms?"

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