Jul 2, 2008

Merrill Elam, talking to the Clayton News Daily on Tuesday about the architecture of the library, said it was important, in the design, to have a building with personality -- "pizzazz" -- that was also open, accessible to everyone, and like "a K-Mart for information."

"The idea," Elam said, "was that it would be where you could walk right in and get what you need at the library, and anybody would feel welcome. That was the philosophy, and still is, I think, of the Clayton County Library System.

"It's a totally open, public building. It is interesting and important that public libraries are really, probably, the only totally public buildings in our country anymore. If you go to city hall, or a courthouse, or any of those places, you have to go through security. In our libraries, you can just open the front door and walk in."

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