Jul 15, 2008

No, we're stupid

It's hard to muster any confidence in masses. It's hard to contradict the picture of people, the faceless electorate, as infantile, impulsive and fickle. What evidence do we have of the wisdom of majorities?

We always complain about pandering, but surely politicians and would-be politicians pander because it works. Fact-free attack ads must make some difference, in elections, or they wouldn't be mailed out, every time, in expensive, colorful mass mailings.

It's tempting to just say this is local politics, like somehow small-town campaigns are expected to be cheap, gaudy, classless affairs. But it's not just small towns. On CNN, on Monday afternoon, a panel's debate about presidential candidates' economic theory turned into 30 seconds of just saying "stupid."

The one professional talking head said that anyone who agrees with his opponent's point is stupid, and then the other guy said, "No, you're stupid."

What's making me worry is that maybe we all are.

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