Aug 12, 2008

American interests

The background of the Russia-Georgia conflict -- the thing I think of as a "thing" and which the NY Times says is heading towards "all-out" war, as if war is a waxing moon -- resurrects all my foreign policy fears.

One root, from what I've read, goes back to Kosovo and the U.S.'s motivating interests there. Another goes to Iraq and the desperate need for allies, another to military aid, another to Cold War considerations, another to NATO and American encouragement of democracies, which seems to be offered without thought of consequences.

And all that, my confused classification of interests leading us to war, only considers American involvement. I have no way of even weighing the separatist region's causes and motivations and the justifications of the Georgians and the Russians, to me, are only ever going to be misty.

Today, Fred Kaplan said, Wait, did Bush have a plan for this when he set it in motion? And that’s a good question, but I wonder what sort of plan we could have.

The background of the Russia-Georgia conflict, as I look at it, makes me wonder how any of our foreign policies could be ethical, could be right, and even more than that, how they could even make sense.