Aug 23, 2008

My mulberry bush

1. In the dream the three undercover officers, guns out, chase the public official around and around the 15-passenger van. The officers don't know the official and the official doesn't know the officers, but both demand respect, brashly challenge and it escalates. Until I step in to stop it. I open the door and the official ran inside, but then the officers shot the man and the van full of holes.

Round and round and round the mulberry bush, and I can't stop it, and when I do it doesn't help.

2. The chatter rises, rises, rises. The chatter fills the room and consumes all sounds, the chatter clattering, cluttering, clattering into a crescendo, a cluster of explosions escalating and I can't hear or think. I can't. I can't. It all swells and I want it to stop.

I try to block out the news.