Aug 19, 2008

The non-migratory flock

When I think about it, I think these birds are tragic. Non-migratory geese. They're geese that gave up, geese that just quit.

It's like it was all too much for them: Life, changes, work and struggle. Migrations are done desperately, long flights directly into the unknown, and then it's like it just didn't seem worth it any more, for this flock.

These geese are like the old man I knew who stopped wearing pants when his wife died. He'd go to the store for milk, pick up the paper in his yard and even, sometimes, mow the lawn, but he always just wore boxer shorts, because in a world without his wife, what was the point of pants? It was anti-social and disgusting, but it was also a very visceral expression of despair. You saw him in his boxer shorts, and you were forced to ask the question: Why should he care?

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