Aug 1, 2008

So badly broken

A failed purse snatcher, serving the last few months of his sentence in the Clayton County Jail, allegedly beat a 51-year-old inmate's face into the floor.

The older prisoner's face was so badly broken he will have to have reconstructive surgery, according to court records.

Ricardo Cornelius Hurston was supposed to get out of jail in July, but now he's being held on charges of aggravated assault and battery. He was indicted by a grand jury on Wednesday.

Sheriff's deputies reported that Hurston punched James Herbert Harper, Jr. in the back of the head with his fist, threw him face-down into the concrete floor, kicked him in the head repeatedly and then attacked him with a food tray.

According to the grand jury indictment, Hurston hit the man's face into the floor with that tray, "until he had caused multiple facial and skull fractures."

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